jhalana leopard safari

Jhalana Safari

Jhalana Safari is very good place to witness Leopards and many other Wild Animals in JAIPUR. Jhalana is situated in the eastern hilly area of Jaipur starting from Choolgiri range to JHALAN Its a fantastic place away from the City.

In the earlier time JHALANA was famous for flat rocky hills and hill climbing People used to come over here from different part of north India to get training of hill climbing, rappelling, artificial river crossing and trekking. But nowadays it is getting more famous as Jhalana Safari. 

You can see Leopards, Hyena, Blue Bull, Deer, Peacocks, Monkeys and many other creatures.

Jhalana Safari is known to be the best site for leopard sighting during all timings of the safari. Jhalana safari expended in an area of 24 square kilometer and it is located eastwards of Jaipur . It is home to around 14 to 15 leopards, which are quite visible to the Wildlife wildlife lovers who come here and that too from a distance of just 10-20 feet. The sightings of the daunting big cats have gone down by 75 percent on a global level. Leopard sighting at Jhalana, bringing this wildlife reserve on the world platform. Apart from Leopard, Jhalana Leopard Safari has other attractions such as Stripes Hyena, Desert Fox, golden Jackal, Chital, Indian Palm Civets etc. Jhalana Safari is also a best attraction for bird watchers, birds includes Indian Pita, Dusky Eagle, Owl, Spotted Owlet etc.

Leopards of Jhalana Leopard Safari have their own places where they can be easily sighted drinking water, resting and hunting. You can find big footed, Flora, Nathwali, Prince, Katrina, Mrs. Khan (leopard names) there in Jhalana.

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Example Choolgiri hill and nearby area of Choolgiri is area of Bigfoot. Here are some small villages and temples. Bigfoot Leopard of Jhalana Leopard Safari daily comes there at night to drink water. Now the forest department is planning to increase the area of the Jhalana Forest. Try to build up more walls to make the Leopards of Jhalana more comfortable to the environment.